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2010 Mere Brow Village News

26th October 2010
Source: Lancashire Trading Standards

Lancashire Trading Standards service has received complaints relating to unsolicited phone calls to consumers, where the caller states that the call is from the 'Fraud Credit Line'.

The caller then claims to be ringing on behalf of a named bank. They ask the recipient for their credit card number and other personal information, but do not ask any of the usual verification questions or give the caller's name when requested. The caller asks for the consumer by his or her full name including middle names, but when challenged refuses to give any contact details for the consumer to check on or call back on, and ends the conversation.

We can only assume this is another bogus company attempting to obtain personal information and advise extreme caution when contacted unexpectedly in this fashion.

Please refer any complaints to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 55 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs PR1 3NU via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506. If anyone has received threats or lost money they should contact the police.

16th October 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Mere Brow Giant Pumpkins 2010The Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin competition record was smashed when the winner tipped the scales at over 1000lb.

Mark O'Hanlon's giant pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 1138 lb (516kg) breaking the previous record of 915 lb (415kg) which was set in 2004 by James O'Hanlon and Liam Cupit.

Second place also went to Mark with a 972 lb (441kg) pumpkin and third place went to the event organiser, Trevor Wilson who grew a personal best 760lb (345kg) pumpkin.

For more information on the show and a complete list of the 36 weigh off entries please go to

The 16th Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Competition was held at Gravel Farm, Banks held on 16th October and compered by Dave Turley of Dune FM. Many local firms also contributed sponsorship to the event which is an annual fundraiser for the Norh West Air Ambulance.

12th October 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Two new recruits will soon be working at the West Lancashire Investment Centre as the council hunts for suitable candidates to become apprentices.

West Lancashire Borough Council is boosting its workforce by taking on the apprentice economic development clerical assistants.

The new recruits will support the Regeneration and Estates Division with a wide range of administrative tasks as well as working with other public partners and private organisations. The 12-month contract will also see them training towards an NVQ in a related subject.

Councillor Adrian Owens, portfolio holder for Regeneration and Estates, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for apprentices to develop their skills and learn. These positions offer the opportunity to gain real hands-on work experience during the programme. In a tough job market, the council was determined to give two people a boost on the career ladder and we hope other employers will boost their apprentice numbers too.”

The closing date for applications is October 17. Click here for more information.

8th October 2010
Source: Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council

Bus Service 2C Banks - Hesketh Bank - Tarleton - Holmeswood – Ormskirk (Weekly Market Bus)

As a result of requests from local users, Lancashire County Council will revise the timetable From 4th November 2010 amending the departure time of the return journey from Ormskirk to 13:45 and operate 45 minutes later throughout.

The morning journey will be unaffected and Holmeswood Coaches will continue to operate the service on behalf of Lancashire County Council.

16th September 2010
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

A FARMER was ordered to pay more than £1,000 in court costs after failing to dispose of a dead cow properly – telling trading standards officers he would feed the carcass to his dogs.

Timothy Edwards, of The Marshes Lane, Mere Brow, was found guilty of failing to dispose of the carcass in line with government guidelines after a hearing at Ormskirk Magistrates Court. More...

15th September 2010
Fraudulent Loan Applications Warning
Source: Lancashire Trading Standards

Complaints have been received regarding letters received by consumers from MCO Capital Limited about a repayment of a loan. It is believed that MCO Capital Limited is a legitimate loan company and that a number of people from across the UK have had their identity stolen in order for fraudsters to take out loans, in various names, with MCO Capital Limited.

If you have received one of these letters and have not taken out a loan, DO NOT IGNORE IT. It may affect your credit rating and you may find bailiffs on your doorstep if you do not take action to inform MCO you did not request this loan.

MCO have asked that complainants should write to them to confirm that a loan has not been requested and payment has not been received. Their address is Imperial House, 15-19 Kingsway London WC2B 6UN.

Anyone receiving such letters may also wish to conduct a credit reference search (with an agency such as Experian) to ascertain if any fraudulent applications have been made against their name and address. There will be a charge for this service.

If you have lost money to a fraudster, please report it as soon as possible. Please refer any complaints to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 55 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs PR1 3NU via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506. If anyone has lost money they should contact the police. If you need any more advice contact Action Fraud via their website or call 0300 123 2040.

9th September 2010
Source: Lancashire Trading Standards

Consumers are warned to beware of traders targeting rural Lancashire residents, by offering to tarmac roads and drives using material allegedly left over from council work.

On one occasion an older farming couple in the Hyndburn area was told that the men were working on a neighbouring road and had ordered too much tarmac, which is not believed to be true. They were charged over £2000 to cover their drive with tarmac.

On a second occasion a cold caller used a similar story and told a farmer in the rural outskirts of Chorley that he was working for the council and had left-over tarmac to use up, which was offered at £2.50 per square foot.

These individuals are not council contractors and Lancashire County Council would like to make it clear that they are not carrying out official work on the highways.

A fake address in Sheffield is given and the work is overcharged and consists of a surface skim which is unlikely to last long. One of the men has an Irish accent and drives a silver car.

Please refer any complaints to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 55 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs PR1 3NU via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506

27th August 2010
Source: Southport Visitor

Tarleton High School is celebrating their best ever GCSE results.

Students and staff at the school celebrated their record breaking year when the results were announced this week. The number of pupils gaining A* and A grades has risen to a high of 29 per cent this year and Year 11 pupils equalled the schools best ever results with 80 per cent achieving five or more A* to C grades.

Some of the students at the school achieved particularly outstanding results, most notably Tom Cowin who gained 11 A*s and three As, Sian Butler who achieved 10 A*s and six As and Aiden Hipwell who got seven A* and seven A grades. More...

23rd August 2010
Source: Press Release

Local MP for Tarleton, Banks, Hesketh Bank and Rufford, Lorraine Fullbrook is this month highlighting the issue of Postal Scams, that are increasingly trapping local people.

Commenting on her concerns, Lorraine who lives in Tarleton said… “I was recently visited at my one of my local surgeries by a local Crime Prevention Officer and an independent member of the South Ribble Older People’s Partnership. The issue they discussed with me is an extremely serious one which has been raised on many occasions over the years by both the local and national newspapers and news – but as these unscrupulous people become more inventive in how to steal money from people, we must all continually make people aware of this horrendous practise. The Crime Prevention Officer presented me with a 6-inch high pile of mail which contained many different examples of letters delivered by post, personally addressed local people. In one individual case, there must be over 250 letters to just one elderly lady. Many of the letters are repetitive but here are some examples:

  1. "The visions I have had of you will radically change your near future...In total over 50 million pounds destined for your bank account in less than 3 months" This one is telling the woman that she is going to win the Euro Millions lottery draw three times in three months – the letter concludes by asking for a payment of £45 via cheque or postal order.
  2. Another type of letter - again supposing to predict the future - attaches little fake coins or "amulets" advertising their “power” to bring "immense wealth". This one asks for credit card details with number-security code, date of birth and a signature. Many of the letters are headed with photographs of supposed "famous/celebrity" psychics with daft names such as Ircan Mage or Jackie Stallone.
  3. The scare-tactic letters: "We know your life lines. We know what can happen. This is also why we have to warn you...we are very concerned. We see you in big danger" This particular letter vaguely requests a sum of £27= as a contribution to save a person from harm or danger.
  4. Then there are some of the more standard ones: "High End Prize Agency of Western Europe Match-Up...we have located the owner of £1,280,856.00". This particular type of letter says that "you are under no obligation" but ask the recipient to sign and return the form. Please be aware that this can be used as a signal of intent and gauges how persuadable or vulnerable the recipient is in order to send further letters which do ask for money OR to call a telephone number at an exorbitant charge per minute of the call.
  5. A further example is a letter or postcard advising the recipient that they have a parcel awaiting delivery – which the recipient has never ordered – and requests that a telephone call be made to arrange delivery. There is no parcel; there is no delivery waiting but the telephone charge can be in the region of £6.00 per minute.

Some of these letters are of very poor quality print, but one can only imagine these being very frightening to receive. All in all there are so many different variants of these bogus and scam letters. They range from correspondence by fake "psychics" to fake firms assigning "cash prizes" amounting from thousands to several million pounds - often, if not always, asking for the person's credit card details at the most extreme level.

What is particularly concerning is that all of these letters affected just one of my constituents. Many of us receive the odd one of these letters and we just throw them away. However, for some of our more vulnerable people, they can escalate devastatingly. They become frightening to receive, and they are far easier to be taken in by than many of us realise.

It is important to remember therefore that if the contents of these letters appear too good to be true, they almost certainly are.” Please help me to raise awareness of this despicable practise. Please talk to your family, friends and neighbours.

This is beyond a disgrace and together we can all play our part and do our bit to do all we can to make life as difficult as possible for these thieves and help stop this al together.

I will be raising this issue with my parliamentary colleagues for them to spread the word to their constituents – and I will be raising this matter in the House of Commons to try and stop it”.

12th August 2010
Source: Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Promote Free Home Fire Safety Checks Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service offer free Home Fire Safety Checks to every householder in the county.

These checks involve a crew visiting your home and giving fire safety advice, as well as fitting smoke alarms where necessary. Any resident within Lancashire can request one and they are completely free of charge.

The Home Fire Safety Checks include:

• Providing and install FREE 10-year smoke alarms where necessary.
• Giving life saving advice in the event of a fire in your home.
• How to make a fire escape plan for you and your family.
• Practical advice on identifying fire hazards in the home.

All Home Fire Safety Checks are carried out by employees of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service who will show identification when they arrive.

To book a free Home Fire Safety Check, please contact us by calling Freephone 0800 169 1125 quoting SA003

11th August 2010
Free Learner Drivers support scheme
Source: Lancashire County Council

Do you take a learner driver out for extra practice sessions or know someone who does? Have you heard about Lancashire County Council’s FREE Pre Pass Support Scheme?

What is it? The FREE award-winning course is designed to help anyone who takes a Learner driver out for extra practice sessions. It will help mentors understand how they can provide the best support and advice for the Learner alongside their professional driving lessons.

When and where is it? The course is held on a Saturday at our Road Safety Training Centre in Leyland. We are running the course on the 14th August, 11th September and 9th October 2010.

How much does it cost? Nothing! The course is totally FREE and we will also provide you with a FREE lunch and refreshments.

What happens on the course? There is a theory and practical session which both the Learner and Accompanying Driver can attend. The course gives friendly support and advice so you both get more out of extra practice sessions. There is also an interactive workshop for the Learner which will provide lots of useful tips to help them prepare for their test.

Contact us now to book your place on a course Call Chris Dunderdale on 01772 534593 Email chris.dunderdale (at)

2nd August 2010
Source: Lancashire Trading Standards Service

JOB-HUNTERS are being warned that some adverts for mystery shoppers, offering earnings of £300 per week, which have recently appeared in newspapers, are likely to be a sophisticated way to acquire bank details. When responding to an advertisement consumers are then asked for personal details and up-front payment.

This is yet another home-working scheme designed to part job-hunters from their money while offering very little in return. We are strongly advising people not to get involved with anything involving the words "Mystery Shopper".

When applying for any home-working job, the moment there is any mention of asking for up-front payment people should walk away.

Trading standards officers are also warning residents to beware scams involving tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games. Be aware that tickets will not be available until 2011 and will only be sold through the official website and authorised ticket resellers.

Residents may pre-register for tickets free of charge from the official 2012 Olympic website although pre-registering does not guarantee tickets. You will not be asked to pay money or sign a contract till 2011. If any website offers bargain tickets before 2011 it will be fraudulent.

Please refer any complaints and further information to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 56-58 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506

7th July 2010
Source: United Utilities

We have announced that we will impose a hosepipe ban following the driest start to a year since its records began. It is the first hosepipe ban in the North West for 14 years.

The ban will come into force on Friday July 9 at 6am.


11th June 2010
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a motorcyclist died following a collision. The man was pronounced dead at the scene at around 5.45am on Blackgate Lane, Tarleton.

The collision also involved a red Ford Fiesta and a transit van. Both drivers were uninjured but treated for shock. The Fiesta driver - a 79-year-old from Leyland - and the van driver - a 26-year-old from Bolton - were both arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

The road was closed for six hours whilst accident investigators carried out their work. Sergeant David Tonge, Senior Investigating Officer from Lancashire Road Policing, said: "I appreciate that this incident happened very early in the morning but people would have been around commuting to and from work at that time. "I am keen to speak to anyone who saw what happened, or who saw any of the vehicles before the collision to come forward. "We know the red Fiesta left Huntapac and we know the blue Yamaha motorcycle had travelled from Tarleton in the direction of Southport. "We are in the process of informing the victim's next-of-kin and we have specially trained officers on stand by to support the family. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 01772-614444. More...

9th June 2010
Rufford Tip To Close
Source: BBC

Lancashire County Council has announced the closure of Rufford recycling centre.

A total of four recycling centres are set to close; Langho, Padiham, Rufford and at Everest Road in St Annes in a bid to save £1m every year.

Councillor Geoff Driver said it should not lead to rubbish being dumped illegally as several other recycling sites are nearby. He said: "The average person goes to one of these centres between one and three times a year. "The fact that they might have to go an extra three, four or even five miles to a site is not going to lead them to fly-tip." More...

21st May 2010
Source: Tarleton High School Press Release

Tarleton High School’s popular swimming pool will be given a much needed refurbishment this summer.

A major water leak had threatened the closure of the pool due to the cost of the repairs needed. The school has worked closely with Lancashire County Council’s Property Group to jointly fund the refurbishment that will cost over £250,000.

The Hesketh Lane school pool closes on Sunday 30th May with the works continuing through the summer. The pool has a target reopening date in early September if everything goes to plan. Most of the work will be underground and so will not be obvious to swimmers.

The refurbishment includes; excavating the existing pipe work on the pool side and replacing it, replacing the filters, pumps and pipe work in the plant room and retiling the pool itself. This will stop the water leak, increase the water quality for bathers and reduce the energy costs by making use of available technologies. The swimming pool is used for swimming lessons by hundreds of children from the surrounding areas and is a valuable local resource in an area surrounded by waterways and canals.

In addition, local swimming clubs and groups use the facility for training. The pool is also popular with locals who can hire the pool for swimming parties or use the pool during the public access sessions.

14th May 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

It has been decided to introduce a Thursdays Only bus service to for a trial period of three months starting Thursday 3rd June:

BANKS Hoole Lane 0930
HESKETH BANK Shore/Chapel Roads 0938
TARLETON Cock & Bottle 0945
MERE BROW Legh Arms 0951
HOLMESWOOD Methodist Church 0956
RUFFORD Hesketh Arms 0959
BURSCOUGH War Memorial 1005
ORMSKIRK Bus Station 1015

The return journey will leave Ormskirk around 1300-1330 allowing for approximately 3 hours in Ormskirk.

The service is a trial and the uptake will be assessed. The continued operation of the service is estimated to need a minimum of 15-20 passengers on the service.

12th May 2010
Source: Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service

Please be advised that a number of complaints are being received relating to cold calling by men selling intercoms systems to residents of sheltered accommodation and local authority housing throughout the Leyland, Preston, Lancaster and Burnley/ Pendle areas.

Various reports have been received and there are believed to be two companies currently operating in this way. One company, which gives a Blackpool address, advises residents that the cost of the intercoms is usually £80 but will cost £40 if purchased through the Council. Sometimes residents believe the intercoms are linked to police schemes, or to their housing provider, none of which is true.

A second set of two salesmen, sometimes giving Lancaster addresses, are operating in the east of the county and appear to be charging around £250 for intercoms systems. Residents are led to believe the company is connected with the housing provider and are shocked at then having to pay. Please be aware these companies have no official links, the products may not work, and damage may be caused to doors etc when a drill is used during the fitting.

We would be grateful to receive any further intelligence on these salemen, especially if they are currently trading in an area. Please refer any complaints to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 55 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs PR1 3NU via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506 and ask them to pass the information to trading standards straight away. If there is any fraud or criminal damage the matter should also be referred to the police.

21st April 2010
Source: Southport Visitor

A group of 15 women are taking on Mount Snowdon to raise money for much needed improvements at Mere Brow Methodist Sunday School.

The women came up with the idea at last year’s harvest tea after deciding they wanted to do a challenging sponsored event. Since then they have been regularly pounding the countryside in preparation for the climb.

The money raised will fund new railings at the Sunday school, which celebrates its 150th anniversary next year. More...

24th March 2010
Source: Champion News

The British National Party has announced that BNP activisit Rosalind Gauci will be fighting for the South Ribble seat, which covers the Banks, Hesketh Bank and Tarleton areas, at this year's election. More...

18th March 2010
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

A RESTAURANT which was once a popular haunt of the rich and famous is to re-open nearly 15 years after it closed. Football and television stars were among the people who frequented the Crab and Lobster in Mere Brow during its heyday. Proprietor Kay Flood was extremely popular with the clientele and there was uproar when the venue closed in October 1995.

Now former policeman Gerald Consett and his wife Pat are re-opening the eaterie and are hoping to bring back those glory days. The couple took over the Legh Arms next door three years ago and have spent 18 months and more than £150,000 on refurbishing the Crab and Lobster. More...

25th February 2010
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

West Lancashire Council is looking to allow more housing in rural settlements and provide more affordable homes. The new policy aims to maintain a five year supply of housing land as required by the Government.

It proposes that housing development will be allowed on brownfield sites of any size, and on greenfield sites for up to 10 units in the following villages: Tarleton, Up Holland, Parbold, Hesketh Bank, Banks, Appley Bridge, Halsall Village, Haskayne, Newburgh, Rufford, on New Cut Lane and Segars Lane (Halsall), Brown Edge (Scarisbrick) and Tontine.

Other plan policies will remain the same, for example the very tight restrictions on new development in the Green Belt. The greenfield sites are sites that have not been built on previously but are within or adjacent to exisiting developments. More...

15th February 2010
Source: Lancashire Trading Standards

Residents are advised that there are several scams and possible unfair practices hitting Lancashire at the moment.  

South Ribble- consumers have complained about a cold caller who phones, saying that he is from British Telecom, and that he is offering a new service called "Do Not Call".  For a one off payment of £9.95 the consumer can take advantage of a life-long service banning cold calls.   Financial information to pay for this service is then requested over the telephone.  Consumers are warned that these phone calls are not made on behalf of BT, and asked not to give personal information to companies they do not know over the phone.

South Ribble, West Lancs- "Supporting Arms" bags have been left for collection at various locations, asking for unwanted goods.  These are not left on behalf of a registered charity, and unfortunately the collections sometimes coincide the collection of other bags left by properly registered charities.  Please be aware that the profits from sales of goods given to such companies as Supporting Arms are likely to go to support private businesses rather than charitable enterprises. 

Throughout Lancashire- consumers selling goods on ebay are warned that after notification by ebay that a sale has been successful, you may receive a fake email, very official in appearance and purporting to be from Paypal, requesting that you post the item and send them the tracking number.  The email states that payment has been received but is in a holding account till paypal receives the requested information, at which point they will release the money.  Believing that the email is genuine, the seller then posts the item abroad, only to find later that the paypal email is fake when no payment is received.   Please be very careful when sending any goods abroad, especially to Africa where many of these scams originate.

Throughout Lancashire- Businesses, schools and nursing homes across the county are being warned to watch out for bogus invoices that claim to be from directory publisher Yell in relation to its products and services.  The warning comes after a number of complaints, including one from an Accrington primary school that recently received a bogus £500 invoice. The scammers seek to mislead Yell customers into signing up to fake advertising contracts which sometimes result in repeated requests for payment by phone. Some people may be duped into thinking they are taking out Yell advertising or renewing existing advertising programmes. Bogus order forms are sent by e-mail or fax and contain look-alike "Yellow Pages" branding. Customers who return the form subsequently receive invoices and requests for payment. Some have even received threatening telephone calls. In one instance, scammers set up copycat websites resembling Yell customers should be particularly alert to any correspondence they receive containing contact or bank account details in Holland or Germany. Some of the names to beware of are:
Yellow Page UK or Yellow Page AG, which displays an inverted "walking fingers" logo.
Yellow Pages 24.
UK Yellow Guide.
Anyone receiving contact from these traders or anyone similar should ignore any order forms and should not pay any invoices.

Throughout Lancashire-  Another lottery scam apparently based in Italy- the name given is Chic Express, giving an address in Piemonte- the unsolicited letters claim the consumer has won £66,000 but needs to send a £20 administration fee in the envelope provided.  The letters purport to come from Collins & Partners Practice, so-called experts in security & financial transfers.

Residents are strongly advised never to give out personal bank details in response to an unsolicited call or mailing.

Please refer any complaints to Lancashire Trading Standards Service, 55 Guildhall Street, Preston, Lancs PR1 3NU via Consumer Direct tel 08454 040506. If there is any loss of money the matter should also be referred to the police.

Warning issued by Dawn Robinson, Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service, please call 01772 532763 for further information.

20th January 2010
Source: Southport Visitor

PROPOSALS to allow adult footballers to start playing again at Leisure Lakes in Mere Brow have been blocked by planning councillors – because their shouting and bad language upset nearby residents.

People over 16 have been banned from playing at the site near Tarleton since October 2008 by West Lancashire Council after residents' complaints about foul language and players urinating on the site.

An application for junior football training there was approved last March, but the council limited the age of players so adults couldn’t play. More....

17th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

North Meols Parish Council teamed up with community spirited local businesses and residents to solve the snow clearance problem in Banks.

Whilst the residents and parish council are aware that snow clearance is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council they also recognised that the County Council would not have the resources to clear the roads of Banks let alone the footpaths.

The parish council sourced the grit and ordered 20 tonnes for immediate delivery and also passed a motion to authorise the purchase of 10 grit bins that will be sited conveniently around the parish. The £3,697 + Vat bill for the grit and the bins was taken from the Parish Council ‘environmental projects’ budget.

Mr Godfrey Crook offered the use of a spreader, small tractor and driver and facilities to store the grit. Mr Bill Abram, chairman of the resident’s group, then came up with two more spreaders, one from Baxters, and several volunteers to spread the grit.

Dr David Vickers, Chairman of North Meols Parish Council, said "We recognise that as there is a high proportion of more mature people in the village and we have a responsibility to ensure their safety when out and about. It was for this reason we took the decision to source the grit and do the job ourselves."

"The whole exercise is a joint partnership between local business, the resident’s group and the parish council all working together for the benefit of the village."

"We hope that LCC will supply us with more grit through the summer months so we can be ready if we have another winter like this one. We also need details of anyone else who is willing to help with the spreading should the need arise".

10th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Tarleton High School will open on Monday 11th January for ALL PUPILS. Parents are asked to ensure the conditions of opening are observed.

8th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Tarleton High School will open on Monday 11th January for year 11 pupils.

The suituation regarding school opening for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 TBA

7th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Tarleton High School will be closed on Friday and a decision on opening next Monday will be advised as soon as possible.

7th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Two former Cabinet ministers, Mr Hoon and Ms Hewitt, have called for a Labour leadership contest claiming that unless the issue of the leadership was resolved, it could undermine Labour's general election campaign.

In a reply to the email David Borrow responded:

"Dear Geoff,

Thank you for your e-mail. I am very disappointed and I disagree with you in every detail. I do not believe that the Parliamentary Labour Party is divided over the question of leadership, other than by a very few malcontents. I did not expect you to have become one of them.

Any leadership ballot (whatever the result) would be seized upon with glee by our political enemies and be immensely damaging to the Labour Party and our prospects at the forthcoming election. I believe you and Patricia have misjudged the mood in the PLP and I feel there is no pressure for a ballet only months before the General Election.

I would suggest, for the best interests of the Labour Party and your Parliamentary colleagues, that you now provide us all with a period of silence until after the next election."

6th January 2010
Source: Hubmaker Media

Tarleton High School have announced they will remain closed tomorrow, Thursday the 7th January.

5th January 2010

Bretherton's Dave Ryding might be one of our big skiing hopes for this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver - but he isn't happy when the snow began to fall in Britain.

He grumbled: "I wanted a break from my normal routine - I did not want to see any snow."

"I'm sick of the stuff. I was slipping all over the place. Transport was carnage.

Dave, 23, spends several months of the year training in Austria and is now rated as the British No.1 for slalom. More....

2nd January 2010
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Dancer Alistair makes move for TV crown

A Tarleton farmer's son turned ballet dancer is to star in a new BBC TV talent search to find Britain's best dancer.

Former Tarleton schoolboy Alastair Postlethwaite, now 28, who won a place at the Royal Ballet School at the age of 11, is a finalist on new primetime BBC1 show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Alastair, who grew up on Longlands Farm, in Tarleton, and still stays with his parents between jobs, mucked out, herded cattle and worked on the family stall in Chorley Market in between working on his dance moves as a child. More....

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